Arm Aesthetics


There are sagging and loosening in the arms due to many different reasons. They are more disturbing than the deformities in other regions. The operations, which are performed to correct the visual deformities of the arms, are called “Arm Aesthetics” or “Arm Lift” surgery.

The experience and correct evaluation of the doctor are crucial in the Arm Aesthetics. As long as the right patient is selected, the results of arm lift surgery will make both the patient and the treating physician happy.


There are two methods; Arm Lift Surgery and Arm Laser Liposuction. There is a lot of fat deposition but not loosening in the arm. The laser liposuction is only applied as a method of liposuction in order to relieve the arm region from fat deposition and give an aesthetic appearance to the arm. Fats are removed during the operation. The removal of fats can be enough for the aesthetic appearance of the arm. No cavities and collapses occur after arm liposuction for people who have an operation performed by an experienced and expert plastic surgeon on the field of liposuction.

The arm is stretched if there are both excess fat and loosening in the Arm Region. A surgical scar occurs in which you will know, but not to be visible from the outside, in the Arm Lift.  It is a region that will not attract attention from the outside. At the end of the procedure, both the fat and the excess skin are already removed, because it causes the sagging image in the skin.


It is performed by plastic surgeons in operating room conditions under local anesthesia.

Recently, liposuction procedures can be very successfully performed in the arm aesthetics with the help of laser devices, smart lipo and slim lipo.

  1. It takes about 1 hour.
  2. The next day you can return to normal life.
  3. For a period of time, you should use bandages as long as your doctor finds it appropriate.
  4. You may not feel comfortable with arm movements. Our doctors will tell you what you need to pay attention to before and after surgery.
  5. You do not need to lift the weight as long as our doctors have indicated.


The arm lift surgery, which is applied to the arm ptosis, is generally done under general anesthesia and sometimes local anesthesia. It takes 1-3 hours on average. The patient can stay in the hospital one day in case of very heavy sagging and fat deposition. The sagging arm is two-dimensional both transversally and longitudinally through the skin. Thus, the sagging skin should be removed by making an incision to the skin both transversally and longitudinally. It is easy to hide the scar because the excess of the transversal skin will be taken with the incisions to be made to the axillary. The excess of the longitudinal skin is taken with the incisions to be made in the longitudinal direction so that the remaining scar is visible

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