Eyebrow Plantation

Our eyebrows are the most important aesthetic detent that affect the present expression. Total loss, partial loss or injury is very noticeable. The most common application, which is preferred in eliminating the deficiency, is permanent makeup, but with FUE method, hair follicle transplantation is increasingly becoming a more effective solution.


With the old method FUT technique, eyebrow transplantation did not become widespread since it does not give as impressive appearance as permanent makeup.


When the eyebrows are planted, the nape hairs of the best quality are used. The desired eyebrow shape is determined by drawing in a symmetrical shape. Then the channels into which the roots are to be inserted are opened into the boundaries of the drawing. The most important thing to watch out for in the canal is the exit angle of the eyebrows. If any, the exit angle of the hair is imitated, or it is made similar to the exit angle of someone whose eyebrows are not taken. The hair follicles are planted in a single follicle at the appropriate frequency.


It is very difficult to distinguish the planted eyebrow from natural eyebrow if the eyebrow cultivation by FUE method is done by an experienced team.


Eyebrow plantation can be applied for any eyebrow loss caused by illness, burns, scars or false removal