Eyelid Aesthetics


The eyelids and eye contour directly affect one’s face expression. Eyelid ptosis, skin deposition, wrinkles and under-eye bags change one’s appearance. The aesthetic problems of the eyelid, which lead the person to look older, more unhappy, tired and depressed, can be recovered with cosmetic surgery operations. But the surgical operations are not only alternative…

With the development of laser technology, the lower eyelid aesthetics can be performed in such a way that it does not make a scar with laser. Laser eyelid aesthetics is a minimally invasive technique, which is a very comfortable and gives successful results; it does not cause any scar on the face.  Non-surgical laser eyelid aesthetics can be performed, if appropriate, after assessing the skin structures and the dimensions of the skin problems of the patients applying to surgeons due to their lower eyelid problems; the surgeons will give the decision.


The patient’s skin is cleaned and subsequently the region to be applied is numbed with the aid of local anesthetic creams before laser treatment for correction of structural changes in the lower eyelid skin and evaporation of excess skin. The laser beam applied to under-eye region reaches the fat pads under the eye from the point incisions made on the skin and the excess is evaporated. The signs of aging under the eye can be removed from the bottom of the eyelid with laser application.

Laser eyelid aesthetics operations must be planned in detail. The evaluation of the upper eyelid and eye contour is important to ensure aesthetic integrity in order to improve the general appearance of the face. Although the non-surgical laser lower eyelid aesthetics is a minimally invasive method, it must be performed by experienced surgeons. The effect of this method, which has very successful results, can vary from person to person. The structure of the under-eye skin, how much skin elasticity is preserved and the age of the person can differentiate the effect of the application.


There is no noticeable incision on the skin in laser applications, unlike cosmetic surgical procedures. Any scar does not remain on the skin after this application which prevents the wound on the skin. The healing period is also too short as a consequence of not making any incision.  The patient is highly comfortable and there is no need for radical changes in their daily life during their recovery period.

The skin is refreshed, a natural glow occurs and the person seems younger after the application. There may be minimal redness during the healing period but these side effects will soon cease to exist. The likelihood of possible complications following the surgical procedures is minimal after scarless laser lower eyelid application.

During laser treatment where minimal bruising may occur, the facial expression of the person is recovered because the fat pouches that lead to have bags under the eyes are evaporated by the laser beam. A tired, sad and unhappy expression is replaced with a renewed, refreshed and positive one.

The expertise of surgeons is quite effective on the results during scarless laser lower eyelid aesthetics. Care should be taken to the sensitivity of the eyes, eyelids and eye contours during application. The skin around the eyes is too thin and the surgeon’s ability is prominent during this application, although the laser technology is safe

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