Hair Transplantation by Fut


Opening of the FUT METHOD is Folliculair unıt transplantation. It is a way of replacing hair roots in groups rather than individually. The hair follicles are present in the form of clusters containing 1 and 4 hairs. These hair clusters can definitely be formed under the microscope glass and are separated under the microscope glass.


The Fut method is the placement of the sheet roots taken from the circular area between the back of the head and the ears.


Fut method is not very preferred today. It is the most commonly used method in hair transfer, but it is an old method. In fact, we can say that it is the beginning of obtaining an almost real view in hair transfer process.


The most important distinction between the fut and fue methods is the process of retrieving the efficient hair tissue and the methods of planting the hair to be applied afterwards continue in the same way.


The tissue containing the efficient hair roots are removed by a surgical method in fut hair plantation method. The hair roots inside the tissue part are separated into the micrografts, in short, to the single and double hair roots and then are transferred to the region to where plantation will be applied. This process leasts for approximately 5 hours.


The availability of efficient sheet roots in the collective situation gains time, and the removal of the hair roots under the microscope glass prevent the damage to the hair bundles received.


Fee is more ideal for the fact that special needles are not used in the transfer process with Fut method.


A mark can be left in hair plantation process by fut method, loss of sense and sense of numbness may occur in the region from where hair roots are taken. If the fut method is desired to be repeated, there must be a waiting period of at least six months.