Male Hair Loss

Androgenetic type spillage, also known as genetic hair loss, is the most common form of hair loss in men. Characteristically to this type of loss, hair loss begins first in the small areas on the left and right of the front hairline. This area will move backwards causing the hairline to retract. This leads to the balding of the front part of the head. Similar development is observed in the top part of the head, often called the vertex, where the rolling zone of the hair is also present, and ends with thinning of the hair. Over time, the size of these parts grows and eventually they combine to cause a fully bald head except of a part that is protected at the back of the head and in the form of a crown.

Androgenetic type hair loss can be inherited from the parent. This negative genetic condition can still be inherited from the aunt or the uncle if it is not inherited by the parent.


Depending on genetic susceptibility and sensitivity, the last stage of hair loss can range from loss of hairline to loss of all hair. Development of hair loss changes. In some men, the frontal hairline may continue as a small bald area, without any aggravation, until later in life. On some rare occasions, hair loss on the hill region can be seen without any hair loss at the both sides of the hair line