Mini Face Lift


Mini face lift procedure is one of the popular facial aesthetic surgeries in recent times and is more preferred than traditional face lift procedure. Classical face lift surgery is recommended in cases of the wrinkles, sagging on the neck region and submental fat deposition, which especially occur in their fifties. However, the facial lines may become irritating without the signs of aging in the neck region of some patients. Mini face lift surgery is the most appropriate procedure to be able to perform for those who have such complaints.

The surgical incisions are made only in front of the ear in mini face lift surgery. There will be not additional incisions in the back of the ear and neck scalp. It is only possible to hang the sagging and relaxed tissues and bonds in their original places with the incision made from in front of and inside the ear. Accordingly, the abundant and excess skin can also be stretched.


The persons being candidates for mini face lift surgery are especially those who have

  • Sagging cheeks
  • Distorted chin contours
  • Submental fat depositions and
  • General wrinkles on their face, so they are the biggest candidates for this surgery. This operation has become a frequently preferred method in Europe and USA. It does not need to experience in many risks of the classical face lift surgery in terms of its positive results especially with small modifications added to it. Neck laser lipolysis, fat injection, eyelid aesthetics, endoscopic forehead lift and brow lift operation as well as mid-face aesthetics (cheek lift) procedures can be performed with mini face lift operation.  The results are much more permanent and impressive in such cases. The biggest disadvantage of the surgery is that any intervention cannot be made in this region in people with severe sagging in their neck skin.


Advantages of mini face lift surgery

  • It leaves much less scar.
  • The possibility of its side effects is lower compared to classical surgery.
  • The operation duration is short
  • The biggest advantage of the method is the shorter healing period
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