Natural Rhinoplasty


If you consider rhinoplasty operation, the questions related to the post-operative shape of the nose are very important among the many questions in your mind:

  • Will my nose be beautiful?
  • Will it be obvious that I have a surgery?
  • How will those who are around me react?
  • Will it be natural?

80% of patients who want to have a rhinoplasty desire to have a natural nose, but we can see that each patient assesses different structures of the nose as natural in one-to-one dialogues. This is fairly normal, because each individual’s facial structure as well as cultural and socio-cultural structures, and their sense of beauty around their surroundings are different from each other. Therefore, not only the nasal and facial structures of the patient but also all these factors should be taken into account when planning is done before rhinoplasty.

The beauty of the nose and its conformity to universal standards are mainly aimed; it is true that there are some criteria in the nose and face structure which are considered to be beautiful and appealing by all the nations throughout history and they should be taken into consideration. But the nose should also be compatible with the facial features of the person. Therefore, the nose, which is one of the most remarkable items of the face, is compatible with the other parts of the face.

Besides, the nose should comply with the socio-cultural, regional characteristics of the person, and her/his expectations should be fulfilled in this direction. Thus, it becomes easier to accept and appreciate the nose structure of the person and her/his surroundings.

Put it differently, there is a problem even if the nose you are encountered with is the most beautiful one in the world, but not meet your expectation.

There must be a full harmony between the physician and the patient, especially in the planning phase in order to provide all of these; it is important to establish a plan by evaluating all the information and expectations of the patient, especially in the planning stage.

Natural rhinoplasty is not only performed with surgical applications, it is also possible to obtain good results without non-surgical applications, using only botulinum toxin, soft tissue filling materials or sutures depending on the nature and expectations of the person.

The aim of the natural rhinoplasty is to create a nasal shape that is specifically planned for the person providing that the facial compliance of the person is taken into account, the universally accepted nasal standards are considered and the person and her/his surroundings will be assessed as natural and beautiful

Patient Comments