Neck Lift


Aesthetic neck lift operations can be performed alone or in conjunction with face lift procedure. The surgical incision made in the face lift surgery extends from behind the ear to the scalp.

Only the incision starting from the earlobe level with the purpose of neck lift are extended to the back of the ear, or the neck lift procedure can be only performed with an incision of 2 cm under the chin in some patients.

The wrinkles and sagging in the neck are eliminated, the chin angle becomes clear, and a tense and aesthetic neck appearance is achieved.

There is no any visible scar because the surgical incision is behind the ear.

The muscles of the neck, which are loosened after the removal of the fats, are sewn to each other bringing them close to the center. Therefore, the muscles are tightened and the sagging is eliminated because the fats are also removed. The neck and the chin become aesthetically distinct from each other.

Recently, the suspensory materials of the tissues, which are specifically designed for the aesthetic neck lift operations, have begun to be used. These materials are inserted by placing them into the surgical incisions, thereby retaining the tissues with the apophysis spinals on them, and keeping the neck tissues on it up in a state of suspension when they are fixed by pulling upward. Thus, the sagging is improved and recovered. However, this method is not sufficient when applied alone for patients with submental fat deposit.


Aesthetic neck lift procedures are performed under general anesthesia in a hospital with appropriate equipment. The process takes approximately 1.5 -2 hours. The drain is placed to prevent accumulation of blood beneath the neck skin. The drain remains for 1 day, and after 1 day the patient can leave from the hospital when the drain is removed.


If an intervention is also made under the chin after surgery, a bandage is applied under the chin and it is left for 1 week.  There may be a feeling of tension, pain, bruising, edema (swelling) in the neck region and numbness on the skin surface after surgery. The pain is not at an uncomfortable level and can easily be compensated with the help of analgesics.

The swelling (edema) rapidly decreases in the first 7-10 days, it takes about six months for the remaining and unnoticeable mild swelling to disappear and the skin to fully fit on the face. The tension and numbness on the skin surface also fade out in the first weeks when the swelling has begun to recover quickly.  It is not a common condition that numbness is permanent.

You will also observe an impressive improvement in your neck region with disappearing edema and bruises after the aesthetic neck lift surgery. The united appearance of the chin and the neck will be lost

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