Non Surgical Brow Lift


The expression of chronic fatigue and unhappiness may seem in the appearance of people due to the natural structures of the eyebrows or eyebrow ptosis with increasing age. Eyebrow ptosis can be considered as an inconvenience because it can also lead to people seeing older than they are. For those who are not satisfied with their eyebrows, who want to lift their eyebrows, but are afraid to have a surgical intervention, the non-surgical brow lift procedures offers a great opportunity.

The non-surgical brow lift, which is practically applied, does not affect the daily life and provides to obtain very rapid result, not only increases the quality of life but also fulfills the self-confidence of people significantly.  A younger expression is achieved and also the signs of aging is decreased.

What Are the Non-Surgical Brow Lift Methods?


Needle Shaping has been used for brow lift, lip shaping, cheek lift, and wrinkle reduction, the removal of neck lines and crow’s feet for a long time. Needle Shaping is an application that protects people from the effects of surgery and gives successful results.

This method is performed under local anesthesia and it is completed within a maximum of one hour depending on the procedures to be carried out. A quick result can be obtained with Needle Shaping brow lift procedure and a filling effect is provided in the eyebrow region with fine needles during this procedure. Swelling may occur in the post-operative application regions. The application can be repeated 3 sessions, the effect lasts for about 3 years.

One of the most important advantages of this method is that natural results are obtained and no injection is made under the skin. People will have minimal complaints and their eyebrows will gain a natural curve after the application.


The non-surgical botox brow lift, which has been completed in a short time and has little side effect, is one of the most commonly used dermocosmetic application. The ideal brow shape of the person is determined before the application, which should be carried out by experienced and expert doctors and planning is done to obtain a natural appearance. This technique, which is based on the application of botulinum toxin bacteria around the eyebrows and paralysis of the muscles in the region, can be repeated at certain intervals.

The person may notice the change in her/his face after 1-2 days of botox brow lift procedure. Botox brow lift procedure is completed within minutes after the application of creams with local anesthetic effect on the skin. People can return to their daily lives very quickly after the application which has hardly any side effect if performed by the experts.


Incisionless method, which is one of the face lift procedures and reduces the need for surgical operation with successful results, is applied to the eyebrow region. Considering the different variables such as the skin structure, age, brow ptosis of the person, the stitches with the apophysis spinals are subcutaneously passed through the eyebrows with the help of a special needle. The most obvious effects of this method, which is performed after the administration of the creams with local anesthetic effect, are obtained after about 3 weeks of the application.

Redness, slight swelling and soreness may occur after administration; the complaints will get over after a while. It is aimed that non-surgical incisionless brow lift procedure is performed by the experts and the most natural results are obtained by carrying out a face analysis before the administration. This method, which provides to lift the eyebrows to fit to the face in general and correct the asymmetries between eyebrows, is also very effective in rejuvenating the face.

As a result, the non-surgical brow lift methods can improve the appearance of the people and they can eliminate the changes that have occurred in their faces over time. However, in cases where brow lift procedures should not be considered alone; we would like to remind you that it is beneficial to combine it with the procedures to be performed in other parts of the face. It will always be more accurate to adopt a holistic approach to improve the appearance of the face

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