Non Surgical Incisionless Face Lift

The signs of aging occur in the skin due to the effect of gravity, which increases its domination with age progression, lifestyle, excessive stress exposure, obvious mimics, environmental and genetic factors. These signs sometimes seem like slight scars, deep holes and sagging on the face.

With the advancement in dermocosmetic applications, people begin to produce more practical solutions whereas only the surgical methods were used to eliminate the signs of aging and especially sagging on the face in the past period.

The “Incisionless Face Lift” procedure, which is used for non-surgical face lift and is a safe and practical method, is one of the most preferred anti-aging methods in recent years. Incisionless face lift procedure, which is applied for brow lift, forehead stretching, neck lift, cleavage rejuvenation, removal of sagging cheeks, is a very effective way to eliminate the sagging in the skin. It should not be overlooked that people who think  about having incisionless face lift procedure should get only expert doctors to do it.


The non-surgical incisionless face lift procedure, which is performed by applying local anesthesia to the person, should be absolutely done in a sterile environment. The main purpose of this application, which can be performed in hygienic clinics, is to lift up the sagging skin areas. Thus, the sags are removed and the person has a younger appearance. Skin recovery occurs when the special stitches used in the surgery are passed under the skin and stretched to an ideal extent. Any incision is not made on the skin during application and so, the processes such as suturing are removed. One can immediately return to daily life, since no surgical intervention has taken place.

Incisionless face lift procedure can be done alone or in conjunction with other anti-aging applications. While skin sagging is relieved during incisionless face lift, other signs of aging that appear over time in the skin are not resolved. Thus, the obtained results can be improved by performing multiple applications to the person at the same time depending on the surgeons’ suggestions.


This procedure is not exclusive to women or men, anyone who wants to get rid of signs of aging and skin sagging can experience the benefits of this procedure. Meanwhile, we want to make a reminder about the skin rejuvenation practices. In general, there is a misconception that these practices should be done after aging. The main purpose of anti-aging practices is to delay the signs of aging and give a younger look to the person. Therefore, the person can seek dermocosmetic applications after the age of 30, when the signs of aging may start to appear and affect her/him.  The effect of non-surgical incisionless face lift procedure is higher at the early ages. The non-surgical face lift procedures become quite successful if it is done exactly without sagging and decreasing skin elasticity yet. The success of the application must be absolutely assessed with skin softness, flexibility and lift suitability. In cases where the sagging cannot be removed with incisionless face lift method, the surgical face lift option will be the most logical alternative.


The healing process is very short as the surgical interventions such as skin incision and suture are not performed during non-surgical incisionless face lift procedure.   After application, slight swellings and local bruises may occur on the skin; these complaints are quickly eliminated.

There is no scar on the skin after application and it is not obvious that the person is getting younger by face lift procedure. The application is not required to be performed on the whole skin; it can be applied to the regions such as brows and cheeks where facial sagging occurs.

Results are immediately noticeable within 3 – 7 days after application. The person feels better and naturally regains her/his self-confidence

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