Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is mostly performed with surgery. According to the nasal problems, rhinoplasty, i.e. aesthetic nose surgery, is an operation with very positive and successful results. Nowadays, we also have options other than surgery. We can perform rhinoplasty by planning it most appropriately for the nasal structure, which can be applied in the clinical environment for about 10 minutes on average using temporary filling materials, botulinum toxin injections or lifting methods. It is possible to remove defects with proper training, correctly selected filling material and an aesthetic point of view. This method, widely used abroad, is economical and can produce very fast and satisfactory results.

One of the significant achievements of the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures is also to quickly correct the deformities arising from trauma or aesthetic nose operations.

The short-term local swelling, bruising and redness sometimes lasting up to 15 days at the nasal tip may occur after the application. The effect of the applications can last for 6 months and years depending on the selected methods.

It is important that an expert performs the applications to be made. As the non-surgical procedure is not appropriate for every kind of nose, it is also of utmost importance to assess the patient and make a planning for their problems to inform them about the results of the procedure they expect

Patient Comments