Oxy Therapy

Oxytherapy is the process of infusing the products of the appropriate molecular structure by injecting pure oxygen into skin’s lower layers with pressure without using a needle.


From the very first moment that oxygen has begun to be şmplemented, oxygen-activated products and oxygen reach skin’s lower layers. Blood circulation accelerates. Disposal of toxins is facilitated. Therfore, aging is delayed. In addition, since oxygen therapy is applied to the skin with a certain pressure, it creates a massage effect and therefore, the synthesis of collagen and elastin are induced.


It is used in the treatment of wrinkles, stains and acne. Wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and lips are effective areas of application. With pure oxygen and special products, damaged skin cells are regenerated and restructured, resulting in a more youghtful appearance of the skin. It is a risk-free, safe and natural method.


Oxytherapy with OxyGeneo begin with superficial peeling process, at the same time, existing products can be fed to the skin to provide anti-aging and stain treatment. With intense oxygen therapy, you can feel the shimminess in your skin from the first session