Post-Natal Aesthetics

Birth is a very meaningful and very special process for women to experience both psychological and physical changes. A new life that flourishes in your wombs becomes the center of all their worlds. The behaviors, emotional states and eating plans of the mums-to-be may vary with the change in their hormones during their pregnancy.

Women who gain overweight in pregnancy have necessarily body deformations. Women are very worried about the thought that they will not be able to lose their weight in pregnancy or they will not get back into their playing shape. If they lose their overweight, their sagging body and especially breasts are another source of unease. Surgical or non-surgical methods can solve postnatal physical problems. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that women have various postnatal aesthetic options.


Edema occurs in women’s bodies during pregnancy. The subcutaneous tissues lose their elasticity as the baby begins to grow, and cracks may form as the skin becomes too large.

Breasts get plump and grow with the milk glands functioning. The expectant mother’s daily caloric need increases, develops her appetite, gains weight. As birth is coming, women begin to notice more clearly the change when looking in the mirror at the later stages of pregnancy. They are demoralized, because they gain weight during this process and even they start to focus on how they will lose their pregnancy weight after delivery without giving birth yet.


After delivery, the full breasts shrink, become empty and generally sagging depending on their volumetric loss, when they go dry. The abdominal cracks maintain their presence but decrease their clarity. If they lose excessive weight without doing exercise, it can cause sagging in the body. In summary, the “effects” of changes that begin during the pregnancy turn into unwanted “outcomes” in the postnatal period.

Women who cannot get results with diet and exercise can apply to postnatal aesthetic operations. They can learn the most appropriate alternatives for themselves by consulting surgeons about their problems.  We also would like to remind you that all postnatal operations and applications, such as every aesthetic operation, must be specially planned for the individual. Once the examination is completed, the operation times can be clarified with the surgeons. However, it should not be overlooked that this method is the last solution to be considered, although the results obtained with aesthetic surgery are very successful.


Although the aesthetic operations change within the postnatal needs of the mother and her body deformations, the most frequently performed aesthetic operations after birth can be listed as follows:

Breast Aesthetics: With the completion of the breastfeeding period and the weight loss of the mother, the volume of the breasts decreases, the fullness disappears, cracks occur in the breast skin, and the breasts are sagging with the effect of gravity. For women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts and lose their self-confidence, breast aesthetics operations are a great chance with high success rates. Breast lift, breast reduction and breast augmentation operations can be done examining the breast structure. Breast lift can be combined with breast reduction and breast augmentation operations.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominal Lift): Women who give birth mostly complain about soft, too skinny and sagging bellies. Fat surplus and fat tissue are removed during abdominal lift operations performed to stretch the abdominal muscles; the person is provided to have a flat and aesthetic belly. The problem of umbilical hernia, which is very common during pregnancy, can be eliminated with these operations.

Liposuction: It is aimed to correct the body lines by applying the liposuction method for the removal of excess fats in the body parts such as inner legs, inner arms, abdomen, hip, waist and inner knees. The body can be shaped by being throwing out resistant fats that do not dissolve with diet and sports of the body with liposuction method.

Various applications such as arm lift (brachioplasty), thigh lift, and fat injection can be applied in line with the needs of the person, apart from these operations. Different applications can be realized at the same time since the main purpose of the postnatal aesthetic operations is to create a more aesthetic appearance

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