Postoperative Care

Following the aesthetic surgery operations; it is necessary to shorten the healing process of the patient, to prevent the formation of scars on the skin, to nourish and moisturize the skin, to reveal a radiant skin, to inform the patient, to give detailed information about the points to be careful and not to delay the postoperative care to shorten the healing period.

Although every aesthetic operation performed has different effects, post-operative care is important because incision is made on the skinEspecially for the most noticeable parts of the body, such as face, post-operative care should be considered as a requirement not an option.

Improving the appearance of the person, getting rid of the signs of old age, increasing the efficiency of the surgical operations that you have done to achieve a more natural and impressive appearance can be enhanced with post-operative care practices.

Post-operative care period

Surgeons examine the scars in the post-operative period, which begins with the patient leaving the operation, with the passage of the anesthetic effect, the patient is supervised or discharged if necessary.

In this process, a regular dressing of the athletically operated body parts is very important for the physicians to follow up the patient and prevent any complications from healing.

Patients who have undergone aesthetic surgical operations are invited to the control interviews at certain periods. In these interviews, the process of the wound healing is checked and detailed information is given about the things to be careful about in the post operative period.

Sugeons and nurses act together during post-operative care. These treatments should not be interrupted. Post operative follow-up is very important in order for the healing process to progress smoothly and intervene immediately in a possible problem.

In the post-operative care process, the patient can learn important maintenance-related processes, how to be fed and whether to exercise or not. In this way, person becomes more conscious and can monitor the health status closely, so that the post operative period can be elapsed in a most comfortable way possible.


The most wron opinion about aesthetic operations is that the ideal image will be obtained immediately after the operation. It is not possible to see the effect of the operation. Post-operative care is crucial to ensure that the effects of the surgery are felt at the maximum rate and should certainly be done by professionals.

The post-operative care periods create chances to ensure that the tissues are not tampered with, that the dressing is performed correctly, and that surgeons can follow up after the surgery.

The care examinations, which provide detailed information about what needs to be done to improve the patients’s health, are also an important opportunity for the patients to tell their complaints. When it comes to aesthetic operations, patients do not want to experience any discomfort after the operation. However, it should be known that there is no such possibility as to the nature of the intervention carried out. Although the complaints may vary depending on the scope of the surgery after aesthetic surgical operations, it is possible to improve the comfort of the patient through professional maintenance processes.

Care checks have aslo a very critical importance to ensure that the patient is in realistic expectations during recovery period. Expectations about the healing process should be realistic after these operations where anesthesia is applied and the skşin is thrown and the body is subjected to physical stress. Otherwise, even if the recovery progress of the patients continues normally, their anxiety and unhappiness also increase