V Lift

V lift non-surgical face lifting

Over the years, the loss of elastin and collagen leads to wrinkles and sagging on the skin. It is possible to obtain very good results with V-Lift without any need for surgery in order to restore the skin, get the wrinkles out and lift sagging.

The skin is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream before lifting. After skin numbing, the stitches inside the very thin needles are placed under the skin. These stitches, which are also used in cardiac surgery and called PDO, stimulate repair mechanisms and increase collagen production without causing a negative reaction on the skin. These stitches melt on the skin within 6 months and their effect last 2 years in average.


Usage Areas:

  • Fine wrinkle treatment
  • Brow lift
  • Lip line enhancement
  • Oval face enhancement
  • Cheek and face sagging
  • Neck sagging
  • Breast lift
  • Belly and arm sagging
  • Inner thigh stretching Application duration


The procedure takes approximately 20 – 50 minutes depending on the region to be treated. Experiencing the effect

The first result starts from the 3rd week after the procedure is applied. The complete effect can be seen at the end of the 3rd months.  Possible post-operative effects

Small edema and bruises can occur after the procedure. They will disappear within 1-2 days. A cold compress minimizes them when it is applied after the procedure

Patient Comments